Privacy Policy


AMC Networks CE S.r.o is committed to respecting your individual rights. Please be sure that we manage your personal data carefully, in accordance with the relevant legal regulations concerning data protection and data safety. These data protection guidelines (“guidelines”) inform you how we manage your personal data when using our products and services, and when we provide you with them. The guidelines specify how AMC Networks CE S.r.o manages the personal data handed over by you to us, informing you or asking for your consent, when required by the applicable legal regulation.

These guidelines shall also apply to the visitors of the websites of AMC Networks CE S.r.o and its affiliates.

Please read these guidelines in the context of our general terms of contract and data protection policy. These guidelines may be amended from time to time. Please check our websites periodically for changes in these guidelines.

Our products and services may be connected to the websites of other companies and the services offered by them; such companies may have their own data protection policies. We recommend you to read the data protection policies of such third parties! We do not assume responsibility for the data protection practices, the product or service contents of third parties.

When formulating this Policy, we considered the following effective legal regulations:

  • Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information;
  • Act VI of 1998 on the Protection of Individuals with Regards to the Automatic Processing of Personal Data;
  • Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications;
  • Government Decree 226/2003. (XII.13.) on the Special Conditions of Data Management by Electronic Communications Operators, Data Security of Electronic Communication Services and the Rules of Calling Line Identification and Call Forwarding;
  • Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Aspects of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services

What do we mean by personal data?

In order to set up strict data protection norms, we apply the wider interpretation of personal data, i.e. we include all data related to any natural person, for example an employee or user, including but not limited to names, addresses, birth dates, email addresses.

Terms related to personal data:

data subject

any specific natural person identified or who can be identified – directly or indirectly – on the basis of personal data;

personal data

the data which can be connected to the data subject – especially the name, identification code of the data subject, as well as one or more features characterising his physical, physiological, mental, economic cultural or social identity -, and the consequences drawn from the data in relation to the data subject;

special data

personal data concerning racial origin, nationality and ethnic minority, political opinion or affiliation, religious or other ideological beliefs, membership in interest representation organisations, sexual life, health status or addictions, as well as criminal personal data;

data management

any operation or the totality of operations performed on the data, irrespective of the applied procedure, including especially the collection, recording, registration, organisation, storage, modification, use, query, transmission, disclosure, harmonisation or connection, blocking, deletion and destruction, as well as the prohibition of further use of the data, picture, voice or image recording, as well as the recording of physical characteristics (e.g. finger or palm print, DNA pattern, iris image) suitable for the identification of persons;

data processing

performance of the technical tasks related to data management operations, irrespective of the method and tools applied for performing the operations and the place of application, provided that the technical tasks are performed on the data;

data transmission

disclosure of the data to specific third party;


making the data available to anyone;

data controller

the natural or legal person or the entity without legal personality, who or which specifies the aims of managing the data individually or together with others, makes and executes the decisions concerning data management (including the tools applied), or assigns a data processing entity to execute them;

data processor

the natural or legal person or the entity without legal personality, who or which performs the processing of data on the basis of the contract signed with the data controller, including contracting pursuant to the provisions of legal regulations;

deletion of data

making the data unidentifiable so that they could not be restored anymore;

data marking

marking the data with identifiers for distinguishing them;

data blocking

marking the data with identifiers in order to restrict further management permanently or for a specified period of time;

data destruction

the total physical destruction of the media containing the data;

principles of data management

Personal data may only be managed if the data subject provides his consent, or it is required by law or – under the authority of law, to the extent specified, by the decree of the local municipality. For public interest, the disclosure of personal data may be required by law, by expressly indicating the types of data. In all other cases, the consent of the data subject, and in the case of special data, his written consent is required for disclosure. In the case of doubt, it shall be supposed that the data subject has not provided his consent. The consent of the data subject shall be considered given in relation to the data provided by him during his public performance or provided for disclosure.

AMC Networks CE S.r.o does not collect special data under any circumstances.

Pursuant to Article 3 (1) of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information, the provisions of this Policy concerning data management and the protection of personal data of the visitors only apply to natural persons.

The most important principles of AMC Networks CE S.r.o concerning the management of personal data:

Data provision, data management

Before managing any data, the service provider shall provide understandable and clear information about the method and aims of recording the data, and – if the data provision is voluntary – about the voluntary nature thereof;

Personal data may only be managed for a specified reason, for exercising rights and fulfilling obligations;

Data management shall comply with its aim in each stage;

Data may only be managed to the extent and for the period required for achieving the aim;

Personal data – in the absence of legal requirements – may only be managed if the visitor provided his consent;

The – voluntary or obligatory – nature of data provision shall be communicated before recording the data. In the case of obligatory data provision, the legal regulation ordering data management shall be indicated.

The visitor may modify or withdraw his consent to data management anytime.

During data management, the data may only be used for the specified purpose;

In addition to the aim of data management, clear information shall be published about the data controller and the data processor;

Data management shall comply with its aim in each stage;

During data management, only those personal data may be managed which are inevitable and suitable for achieving the aims of data management;

The data may only be transmitted and the different data managements may only be connected if the visitor provided his consent or if permitted by law, and if the conditions of data management are fulfilled for each and every personal datum.

What kind of personal data do we manage?

We manage the following personal data, depending on communication or consent if required.

Data required for communication – this is information allowing your identification or to contact you. Such information include name, address, phone number, email address, user names and passwords, birth date, language preferences, delivery data, and other contact data provided by you directly.

General information of use – including the information generated during the application of products and services.

Other personal data – these are data obtained from publicly available sources in accordance with the legal regulations. We may also manage the personal data of other persons if provided to us, for example if a product is purchased as a gift for another person.

What is the aim of managing personal data?

We manage your data in connection with our services. It is important to us to make our products and services simple, personal and reliable. We continuously strive to improve our services in order to tailor them to your personal needs as much as possible. Therefore, we manage personal data for the following purposes, in certain cases depending on notification or consent.

Provision of our products and services. We use the data required for communication, as well as invoice and service data for creating and maintaining our products and services, for the purposes of administration and in relation to our promotions. Such activities include establishing the place of service, technical support, updating hardware and software, invoicing, payment collections and credit control.

Presentation of our products and services. From time to time, we may inform you about the updated parameters of our products and services, and about the promotions which may be of your interest. Please find further details in the section “Method of consent and blocking” where you are informed about the method of specifying the extent of your consent in detail.

Allowing the purchase of goods and services from our commercial partners. During the use of our products and services, we may present special offers to you from time to time on the internet, allowing you to purchase goods and services from our partners, for example advertisers, promoters (hereinafter jointly referred to as “commercial partners”). If you decide to accept such offers or perform a transaction, then we may collect your appropriate personal data and communicate them to our commercial partners supporting the promotions and transactions. AMC Networks CE S.r.o only manages and hands over the data if you accept such offers. In addition to fulfilling your request, the commercial partners may also use your personal data to send you other information of your interest. The use of personal data by the commercial partners is governed by their data protection policies, and these shall be referred to if you have any questions concerning the use of your personal data by our commercial partners.

Management of our performance. We may use personal data when we ask for feedback concerning the performance of our products and services, and the quality of our other operations. If the applicable legal regulations allow it, we may monitor and record our communication with you, including emails, for training and quality assurance purposes.

The fulfilment of our legal obligations. Legal regulations may require us to hand over personal data in accordance with the requirements of any court or authority proceedings, or for fulfilling the requests of criminal authorities. In line with the regulations applicable to court or authority proceedings, it may happen that such data are handed over without your consent and notification. Our company reserves the right to object to the potential requests of the authorities concerning the access to personal data.

Other use. We may use anonym and cumulative information for research and other lawful business purposes for preparing reports and analyses, for example in relation to the types of contents and/or advertisements studied or skipped by our users.

Managing the personal data of children. If the request arises on the visitor site to manage the personal data of children aged below 14, such data may only be recorded if the necessary data are justifiably provided by the lawful representative. For the validity of the statements of minors aged between 14 and 16, the parent’s or other lawful representative’s consent or approval of verifiable format shall be provided. In the absence of such authorisation, we do not record the personal data of children (even if the service cannot be used without recording the data).

To whom may we hand over personal data?

AMC Networks CE S.r.o is committed to protecting your personal data. In order to provide our products and services, we may hand over personal data in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, and in certain cases depending on prior notification and consent, in the way described below, to third parties, including third parties outside the EU and Switzerland, and in such cases, the data management regulations may differ from those effective in the EU and Switzerland.

Organisational units within the company group. We may share your personal data with any parent company, subsidiary or other company under common management (jointly referred to as: “affiliates”). In such case, we request the affiliates to respect these guidelines.

The employees of  AMC Networks CE S.r.o. Only the selected group of employees with special authorisations may access your personal data. Such employees may only know the information inevitably required for the appropriate fulfilment of their tasks.

Commercial partners. If you would like to participate in a transaction presented by us but concluded by our commercial partners, then we may hand over personal data to such commercial partners in certain cases. Please find further details in section “What is the aim of managing personal data”.

Company acquisition. If another company acquires  AMC Networks CE S.r.o or acquires its assets, including the personal data managed by AMC Networks CE S.r.o, then the buyer shall assume the rights and obligations specified herein concerning your personal data.

Other third parties. If the relevant legal regulations allow us to do so, we may share personal data with third parties whom we trust, if the provision of data is required for providing our products and services (e.g. customer service), and with third party suppliers employed specifically by AMC Networks CE S.r.o to provide us with products and services, and in such case, we require such parties to manage the data confidentially and securely, and to use them exclusively for providing us with the specified products or services. If the relevant legal regulations allow us to do so, we may share personal data with credit management companies. In certain cases, we may be required by law to hand over personal data to authorities or other third parties.

How can we protect personal data?

We do our best to protect the data and the related rights of our subscribers, and we take the appropriate measures for defending them. In accordance with the relevant regulations, our company has appointed the persons who are responsible for the security of our network, and for supporting our infrastructure and IT systems. For protecting personal data, we have introduced different solutions depending on the service or product offered or provided to you, which are partially based on technical and partially on these guidelines. Such solutions may include without limitation: password protection, encryption, use of firewalls, virus and access prevention, as well as the access restrictions applied to the employees.

How long do we keep personal data?

We do not keep personal data for a longer period of time than it is required for the fulfilment of the goals for which the personal data were collected, except if the applicable legal regulations require us to keep them for a longer period of time.

Method of consent and blocking

We may contact you in order to inform you about our products and services of your interest. If you do not wish to be an addressee of such direct marketing activities, you can block it in several ways (email, SMS, phone, traditional mail).

What do cookies mean?

Cookies are small files stored by your internet browser. Your internet browser collects data like the type of your browser, your operating system, the visited websites, the dates of the visits, the viewed content, the viewed advertisements and other click stream data.

With the help of cookies, we may adjust our websites to the needs of subscribers, we may provide better and more tailored services, and we may remind you of certain selections so that you do not need to fill them in again. With the help of cookies, we may also determine the traffic of our website, including the visited sites, the number of visitors and the selected routes.

With the help of the advertising network service providers, we may provide help for publishing ads or other content on this website or on other websites presenting the advertisements of AMC Networks CE S.r.o. The advertising network service providers may apply cookies, web beacons or similar technologies present on your computer, mobile or other equipment in order to provide you with ads or content tailored to your interest, creating your internet browsing profile on this website or on other websites visited by you. The use of cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies by our advertising network service providers are specified by their own data protection policies, and not by the data protection policy of  AMC Networks CE S.r.o.

You may manually allow or block the cookies on your computer, mobile or other equipment. The majority of internet browsers offer the possibility to allow or block specified cookies, and to refuse or delete all cookies. The procedure depends on your browser. In relation to using this function, please read the guidelines of your own internet browser – however, the restriction or blocking of cookies may have adverse effects on the usability of many websites.

What are your rights?

You are entitled to request deletion or updating of your inaccurate, incorrect or outdated personal data. If you think that our data related to you are incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or outdated, please inform us and we will do the necessary modifications within the statutory deadline.

You are entitled to know what kind of personal data we keep about you. If the relevant legal regulation allows us to do so, we may charge a low sum for covering the administrative costs of handing over such data to you.

You are also entitled to request us to stop processing your personal data for direct marketing reasons. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing information in the future, then please contact our customer service.

Any customer may request the deletion of his personal data from our system, but in certain cases he shall understand that as a result of the deletion, he cannot use the service to which the data belonged at all or not in the way as before. After receiving the request, we fulfil it without delay by deleting the data specified by the visitor from our database.

Interpretative provisions

When we ask for the personal data of visitors on the website, after reading and understanding the necessary information, the visitor is free to decide whether to provide the requested information. However, the visitor shall know that if the personal data are not provided, then he may not be able to use certain services subject to the provision of the personal data.

This Policy covers the protection of the visitors’ personal data not intended to be public. If somebody discloses his own personal data or a part thereof voluntarily, then such information is not subject to this Policy.

If certain sites of the website require the registration of the visitor, then we always indicate what kind of data are “obligatory”, for what reasons and under what conditions. In such case, the term obligatory does not mean the obligatory nature of providing the data, but it means that without filing in certain fields, registration will be unsuccessful and refused.

The personal and other data provided by the visitors may only be amended with or connected to data deriving from other sources if the visitor provided his consent.

If the website is created or operated by companies which are in business relations with  AMC Networks CE S.r.o, and during such service, personal data are collected, then the data are subject to the use and data management competence of  AMC Networks CE S.r.o as if the information were collected and stored by it. During such cooperation, the operator partner collects personal data on behalf of and representing  AMC Networks CE S.r.o, for the benefit of  AMC Networks CE S.r.o, and the scope of this Policy covers such cases, as well. In the case of data management, the data controller, and in the case of data processing, the data processor shall be indicated clearly.

How can you contact us in relation to these guidelines?

If you have any questions or comments in relation to these guidelines or if you would like to be informed about your personal data managed by us, then please contact our data management officer at the email address