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EU Legal Notice – Transparency Requirement

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The terms of use outlined in this guideline are considered accepted by using the website, so you are requested to read them carefully.

Information recorded by our servers:

Our servers automatically record the IP address, the type of operating system and browser programme used by our users together with some other information. This information is used exclusively in a summarized and processed (aggregated) form, in order to correct possible errors in our services, and the quality improvement thereof as well as for statistical purposes. In certain cases the IP address and the log file may be considered as personal data.

Spamming, electronic advertising mails:

Data appropriate to access the users individually (e.g. e-mail addresses) shall be used exclusively for purposes previously approved by the user, we shall not hand them over to any third party without the prior written consent of the user (except for cases specified by the law).

The operator reserves the right to send information materials to those users who consented to sending such information. Such electronic mails may be sent as long as the user does not expressly protest against them, forbidding to send further materials.

Data suitable to physically access the users

We collect data suitable to physically access the users exclusively when the nature of the service makes it indispensable (e.g. subscription, prize competitions).

Data shall be used exclusively for purposes previously approved of by the user, or for purposes specified by the law (NTCA notices, tax registers), we shall not hand them over to any third party under any circumstances except in cases specified by the law.

Personal data shall be deleted by the service provider automatically and in an unrecoverable manner when their purpose has expired or at your request.


Our services contain a number of connection points (links) which lead to the websites of other service providers. The operator does not assume liability for the data and information protection practices of these service providers.

Exclusion of liability

In view of the fact that the Internet is an open network which cannot be considered safe, concerning any damages due to the destruction or late arrival of mails or other defects, the operator excludes any liability for damages.

Although the Administrator and the Moderators make their best efforts to remove or delete generally objectionable materials from the Forum, it is impossible to review each comment. Owing to this fact I hereby accept that the comments on the Forum reflect the views of the authors, not those of the Administrators, Moderators or the webmaster, – thus they cannot be held liable for the content of the comments.

I agree  that I will not send any insulting, obscene, vulgar, vituperative, hateful, offensive or any other content or material which infringes others personal rights, their copyright, or any law or regulation in any way. I will not send materials which are against public taste, since it is a public forum. The violation of the above points shall result in immediate and permanent deletion.

I accept that the webmaster of the Forum, the Administrator and any Moderator is entitled to remove or edit my comments, or close the topics opened by me if they consider it necessary.

The editors of the webpage do not assume liability for any technical problems arising while sending or uploading comments or other materials.

Concerning viewing the videos and online broadcasts the editorial staff of AMC Networks CE cannot be held liable for any technical problems arising on the user’s side while viewing/broadcasting. AMC Networks CE reserves the right to change the content during online broadcasting.


The content of the website is the intellectual property of the operator unless stated otherwise, thus it can only be used within certain legal limitations. User is not entitled to modify, reproduce, disclose, perform, distribute the materials or utilize them serving public interest or commercial purposes in any other way.

According to these conditions the use of these materials on other Internet sites or computer networks is forbidden for any purposes. The materials on the website are subject to copyright and the use thereof without permission may constitute the violation of laws concerning copyright, patent rights (trademark protection) and other regulations.


Operator is entitled to modify the contents of the present conditions within its scope of responsibilities any time, thus we recommend you to regularly review the website in order to obtain up-to-date information at all times.

Possible mistakes

The information published on the website is made public exclusively for the sake of providing information, AMC Networks CE S.r.o does not assume liability for their accuracy or their up-to-date nature.