About the Series

TODAY – In Nagasaki, Japan, a hotel staffed primarily by robots will be opening this summer. These robots won’t just clean your room and pick up your laundry. They’ll check you in, make your dinner reservations, mimic human behaviors and speak four languages.

TOMORROW – Your Saturday afternoon errands could result in purchasing a fully functional robotic domestic helper that will get your kids ready for school or take care of an ailing parent. Whether that’s a good or bad decision is the question HUMANS sets out to explore. It’s not about what this technology is capable of; it’s about the impact that this advanced technology will have on the human population. Will this new way of navigating life be detrimental or beneficial to us as a human race? And who will we become when this technology arrives?


Director: Lewis Arnold, Samuel Donovan, China Moo-Young, Daniel Nettheim
Year: 2015-
Cast: Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Lucy Carless
Created By: Lars Lundström, Jonathan Brackley, Sam Vincent, Emily Ballou, Joe Barton

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