About the Series

As we enter the final chapter of “Into the Badlands,” an imprisoned Bajie warns Sunny that Pilgrim can’t be trusted.  But with his son’s life on the line, Sunny struggles with his decision to help Pilgrim unlock the Meridian Chamber.  Meanwhile, M.K., still reeling from the revelation that Sunny killed his mother, is hellbent on revenge.  Kidnapped by The Master, the Widow is forced to confront her past.  Moon meanwhile races to save Lydia from impending death after she risked her life for his on the battlefield.  As the last episodes unfold long buried secrets will be revealed, new alliances will be forged and the saga will climax in an epic battle to end all battles.

Director: Stephen Fung
Year: 2018
Cast: Daniel Wu, Nick Frost, Emily Beecham

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